Presentation of the book “Graffiti in China”, by Marta R. Bisceglia, Adriana Iezzi and Martina Merenda (1088press Edition, 2022)

    21 October, 5.00 pm – International Museum and Library of Music, Bologna (Italy) – LABORATORY 1

    Graffiti is a constantly developing and expanding global artistic movement. Having arrived in China only in the mid-1990s, they represent an almost unknown but extremely lively and invigorating phenomenon, capable of restoring soul and voice to the anonymous neighborhoods of Chinese megacities. Through the presentation of the intense activity of some of the most famous writers and crews in China, this volume tells of an art in continuous evolution, still totally unexplored, which is halfway between legality and illegality, between free street art and commercial art, between state support and social denunciation, thus prefiguring an entirely Chinese specificity, revealing the multifaceted artistic-cultural reality of contemporary China.

    The presentation is correlated and financed by the European Research Council Starting Grant Project “WRITE – New Forms of Calligraphy in China: A Contemporary Culture Mirror” (GA. 949645). The event is linked to the exhibition “Sounds of Ink: Luo Qi and 30 years of Calligraphism”.